An account of the founding of the CST is given in the “Middleton Grange Story”. The account covers the birthing of the vision in prayer, the formation of the Trust, the purchase of land for Middleton Grange School, the appointment of the first Principal (Mr Peter Chignell) and the beginnings of the private school.

The school grew rapidly and by the late 1960’s the secondary school had been established and extensive building undertaken.

In 1996, after years of prayer and deliberation the CST started to enter into negotiations to become a state-integrated school. Integration ushered in huge changes, including a significant reduction in fees making Christian education more affordable. Since integration, Middleton Grange School has grown to its current maximum roll of 1,290.

In August 2003 Christchurch Christian Schools’ Network was established, with Middleton Grange School a foundation member. The Network, and Middleton Grange School in particular, were instrumental in assisting Canterbury Christian College through a difficult season. As a result measures were put in place to assist Canterbury Christian College. The CST became the Proprietor of Aidanfield Christian School (the new name for Canterbury Christian College) in 2010. The previous Proprietor (The Kings Christian Schools’ Trust) continues as a land trust. The school’s current maximum roll is 425.

In February 2009 the CST provided assistance to establish Ashburton Christian School as a private Christian School. In 2009 it applied to integrate. The school became integrated in July 2011 under the proprietorship of CST. In 2012 the school received the wonderful news that the Minister of Education had approved a change of class to enrol year 9 and 10 pupils in 2013. In 2019 a further change of class application was approved so that the school could provide Year 11 to 13 education. The school’s current maximum roll is 345.

Late in 2012 the CST advised the Crown it intended to establish a 300 pupil State Integrated Primary School (Years 1-6) in Rolleston as early as 2014 provided it can secure land and meet various Ministry of Education requirements. The school opened with a role of approximately 45 pupils in February 2015. A change of class to year 8 has subsequently been approved and implemented. The school’s current maximum roll is 300.

The CST operates one early childhood centre based at Middleton Grange School for children from two to four years of age.  The Middleton centre caters for up to 50 children.